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  • November 16, 2023

There is an undeniable charm about celebrity couples who make it despite the spotlight’s shrewd eye and showbiz’s propensity for scandal. Tying the knot in 1975, veteran duo Usman and Samina Peerzada is one such couple to have endured life’s many curveballs with grace. In a recent interview with Fuchsia, Usman delved into the offbeat origins of their love story.

“We grew up together. She was very young, I was very young,” the actor shared how their romance came about. “I used to lecture my friends against getting married before 35 but I myself got married at 21,” Usman remarked laughingly.

However, their young love is not the sole revelation that has ignited interest in the couple. The Nangay Paoon actor also disclosed that their union began with an elopement. “She was 17, we eloped. There were no reservations from my [family’s] side.” Despite their dramatic new beginning, the only opposition to their match was Samina’s mother.

Usman shared, “She was a single parent and she would ask me to quit acting. I would try to explain to her that this is a very noble profession but she would insist that I join the merchant navy like many of her family members because they had done very well.” The celebrity elaborated on how his wife’s mother was reluctant about him after presuming acting to be a volatile career.

Perhaps, the bigger motivation prompting their unconventional marriage was their youthful spontaneity. “One day, I was at a film shoot with Javed Jabbar. It was almost finished so I was leaving Karachi when Samina said ‘Let’s get married today.’ We were sitting and having coffee. I said okay let’s go,” Usman relayed his swift agreement.

From there, it was only a matter of a taxi ride and a willing Nikah officiant to announce their impromptu marriage. Recounting his friend who offered them their house for the brief ceremony, Usman revealed, “Maulana Sahab realised that we were getting married secretly so he hesitated but I explained to him that both of us were of age…showed him our ID cards. The gardener and the cook there were our witnesses and we had our Nikah.”

“It’s not like we ran away,” he added. “We had our Nikah and we returned home. I carried a box of sweetmeat and announced our marriage to Amma. She was shocked.” Usman recalled his first meeting with Samina’s mother and her pure bewilderment at their audacity.

He furthered on, “She was shocked to see this actor standing at her door because I’d just gotten famous after my serial Dusra Aadmi. I told her I’d come from Lahore for one purpose only: to see your daughter. And I don’t want to pick her up from her college and meet her in hiding.”

In a decision that strikes as unorthodox even now, Usman stated he asked his mother-in-law’s permission to meet Samina at their house. “She was so angry,” he remarked humorously. “She hit the ladoos, they went up flying. I left Samina and ran away.”

In retrospect, the tensions diffused without much ado. Usman promptly sought help from his family who met with Samina’s mother and offered assurance. The actor appreciated his mother’s support in particular. “Never in my life did she ever say to me: how could you have done this without asking me? She respected my decision and Samina became her favourite daughter-in-law.” Commenting on his dynamic with Samina, the Hisaar actor said, “If you don’t encounter disagreements then that relationship isn’t deserving of the label.”

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