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Ahead of the impending Lok Sabha elections, Kangana Ranaut, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate for the Mandi Lok Sabha seat, shared a meal with party workers at Shivabadar in Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday. A video has emerged showing the actress seated on the floor, dining alongside the party workers.
Watch the video here:

On Monday, Kangana Ranaut commenced her day by offering prayers at the Bhimakali temple.Later, as part of an innovative election campaign, she brewed tea at the Namo Tea Stall and served it to the assembled crowd. The ‘Queen‘ actress was joined by Himachal Pradesh’s leader of the opposition and BJP leader, Jairam Thakur.

During the Times Now Summit 2024 on Wednesday, Kangana addressed inquiries regarding her foray into politics. When questioned about it, Kangana clarified that her decision to venture into politics was not motivated by the underperformance of her recent films at the box office.

BJP’s Mandi candidate Kangana Ranaut says ‘Every woman deserves dignity’

Kangana highlighted that fluctuations in film success are a universal phenomenon, drawing parallels to Shah Rukh Khan’s career trajectory and her own experiences with films like Queen and Manikarnika.

She elaborated that due to the rise of OTT platforms, actors now have more avenues to exhibit their talents. Kangana then labeled herself and Shah Rukh Khan as ‘the last generation of stars’, expressing that new stars are not emerging on OTT platforms at present.

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