Unlock the Benefits of This Yoga Asana To Beat Summer Heat


Even though this might seem like an easy asana, only practice can make you ace it. (Image: Shutterstock)

It must be noted that proper supervision and guidance are essential when learning Chandra Namaskar, as with any other yoga practice

Rising temperatures in summer often become our excuse to do little or no physical movement. This means, exercising goes for toss. But what if you got to know that there were physical exercises that could actually help you gear up to face the heat? Wondering how? The answer is in yoga. While there are numerous yoga asanas that can aid your body get summer-ready, Chandra Namaskar shines as a distinctive practice.

The serene and gentle movements of Chandra Namaskar act as a natural remedy, alleviating the effects of excessive heat and restoring balance and coolness to the body. It also incorporates deep breathing, stretching, and twisting, which promote circulation and release tension. Pramila Khubchandani, a yoga practitioner, has shared the benefits of performing Chandra Namaskar on Instagram. She wrote, “It’s a beautiful cooling calming flow to beat the heat!”

According to her, there are various benefits of performing Chandra Namaskar. Firstly, it enables you to tap into the cooling and calming lunar energy. This yoga sequence provides a stretch to the spine, hamstrings, and backs of the legs. It also strengthens various muscle groups such as the legs, arms, back, and stomach.

Follow the steps below to practice Chandra Namaskar:

  1. Stand in an upright position, fold your hands and extend your arms upwards.
  2. Exhale, bending to the right and stretching the left side of your body.
  3. Inhale while coming back to the centre, exhale and bend to the left.
  4. Exhale, step your feet apart, and lower into a wide squat.
  5. Keep your back straight, knees aligned with ankles, and arms bent in Anjali mudra.
  6. Inhale, turn both feet to the right, reaching over the right leg.
  7. Lower the right hand to the ankle, extend the left arm upward, and inhale while twisting the chest.
  8. Exhale, bring the left arm down to frame the right foot, rotate the back foot further, and fold over the right leg.
  9. Inhale, step the left foot back into a lunge position, keeping the knee in line with the ankle.
  10. Exhale, bring both hands to the floor on the big toe side of the right foot.
  11. Rotate the body to face the front of the mat, extending the left leg upward.
  12. Inhale and return to a squat in the centre, in Goddess pose with hands in prayer position.
  13. Exhale, ensuring knees align with ankles, back straight, and chest open.

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