Taylor Swift honours Donna Kelce’s gift at Chiefs playoff game


Taylor Swift matches with Travis Kelce’s mom Donna with NFL player’s mom’s gift 

Taylor Swift matches with Travis Kelce’s mom Donna by wearing gift matching to the NFL player’s mom’s jewellery.

Sunday, Taylor Swift attended boyfriend Travis Kelce’s playoff game in Baltimore. She accessorised for the event with jewellery that sparkled in honour of her “guy on the Chiefs.”

Amid the numerous symbolic ornaments? A small EB & Co. ring that Travis’ mother, Donna, gave to Swift, was inspired by the tight end’s football jersey.

“That’s our theory,” laughs Emily Bordner, founder and creative director of EB & Co., who told Page Six that Donna has been a longtime supporter of her little Kansas City company.

“Pretty early in the season, we had one of our wholesalers tell us that Donna came into their store and tried to buy a pair of our earrings, but they were sold out,” Bordner recalls.

Consequently, she and her group started presenting the mother of two with an array of fashionable items, many of which Donna wore to different Chiefs games.

“We know that she loves supporting her boys any way she can, so we ended up sending her any new Kelce stuff we developed,” the designer adds. “We sent her [around] three rings, just a cluster of pieces that were Kelce-themed … and we were hoping she would share them.”

Along with most of America, Bordner watched the playoff game on Sunday. It wasn’t until her phone started exploding that she discovered Swift was wearing one of her designs.

“All of our customers and followers were tagging us and sending us articles and pictures, and it just exploded,” she said.

Many home viewers may not have noticed this detail, but on game day, the pop diva and her NFL pro’s mother were actually matching.

“Donna was wearing the jersey-inspired earrings, which just feels really special … it’s just a really sweet moment between the two of them. They’re both wearing something to support Kelce,” Bordner noted.

“And like, if I wanted to win over the mom of someone I was dating, I would wear what they gifted me!”

Swift has undoubtedly gained Donna’s endorsement, but Bordner says she feels “so lucky” to have won Swift’s.

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