Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland Crawling Toward 2024 Release – trending

  • September 2, 2023


The timeless tale of toddlers known as Rugrats is one of the most famous adventures of babies. The show debuted in 1991 and ran until 2004, where it was succeeded by the sequel series All Grown Up. Wallride Games and The Mix Games is bringing them back with Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland.

At first glance, it looks like a basic platformer from the NES era. However, it is fresh as a newborn, stylistically designed to match the games of the Rugrats’ time. Adventures in Gameland is a 2D platformer, but has some fairly interesting features.

You can play as Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, or Lil, and each of them have unique stats. Each baby has strengths in Jump or Lift stats, affecting the height of their jumping and speed at which they pick up throwable items. Babies can also crawl into small spaces, ground-pound enemies, and boost off of bouncy things.

What’s more, players can toggle between the 16-bit sprites and the HD models. The HD models are sprites drawn like the characters from the show. Backgrounds, enemies, and items are also designed this way.

There is currently no exact release date, but Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland will be coming out in 2024. The supporting platforms have also not been detailed, but it will be coming to “PC and consoles”.

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