Reese Witherspoon decided to start dating again after Jim Toth divorce


Reese Witherspoon has recently begun dating again a year after her divorce from second husband Jim Toth.

A source spilled to the Star magazine that she wanted to keep her suitors out of limelight.

“She feels it’s not fair to the guy, who might be on a first date or second date and suddenly has nosy friends asking him to define the relationship,” revealed an insider.

The source told the outlet, “So she’s decided to date in secret.”

The Big Little Lies actress previously parted way from Ryan Phillippe in 2006 and later she tied the knot with Jim and later she split in 2023.

Following her divorce from Jim, Reese shared she threw herself into “work to feel less alone only to realise that isn’t going to work”.

Reese Witherspoon decided to start dating again after Jim Toth divorce

The source also pointed out, “Reese is not ready to jump into a relationship with both feet, but she’s agreed to let friends fix her up and they usually meet at the friend’s place.”

“You won’t be seeing her out and about with a guy, unless she feels he’s a keeper,” stated an insider.

The outlet reported that her former co-stars and friends Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston both were helping her to “navigate her newly single life”.

“Nicole’s totally helping Reese navigate her divorce. That’s what friends are for,” remarked an insider.

Meanwhile, the source added, “Jennifer knows a thing or two about getting divorced. She went through one of the most humiliating Hollywood breakups of all time. Now she is going to make sure Reese does too.”


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