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Forest fire smoke caused the game to be delayed.

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Rain forced the Edmonton Elks and Calgary Stampeders to stay in their lockerrooms for about an hour at the start of the third quarter.

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There was no pizza in the press-box at halftime for the first time in at least seven years at McMahon Stadium – not including the COVID season in 2021.

But the apocalypse itself wouldn’t have prevented the Alberta rivals from finishing off their pre-season exhibition game on Monday afternoon.
In the end, the Stampeders won 29-24. It won’t matter in the standings and the result will likely get lost to the sands of time, but the point of these pre-season games is to give young players a chance to show what they can do, give veterans a chance to sharpen their tools and, hopefully, get a win at the end of it.

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“It was just a weird day,” said Stamps GM/head coach Dave Dickenson. “It started off with some smoke and are we delaying this or that and then comes the storm. We were lucky, we were in (the lockerroom) at half.

“It was a bit of a sloppy game, I thought, and ultimately a lot of things I know we can coach and improve on and I still like to win. Ultimately, it still worked out find but it felt like a pre-season game.”
First-round draft pick Cole Tucker would appear to be the real deal. He had a couple fourth-quarter catches on cross patterns where he definitely didn’t look like a young man playing in his first professional football game … I’m not saying he’s going to replace Cody Grace as the Stamps’ main punter or anything, but Japanese kicker Toshiki Sato had some nice kicks in the second half on Monday. There’s something to him … Pretty cool to see Stamps’ third round draft pick Clark Barnes come down with a touchdown in the second quarter. You hear whispers about how excited the Stamps are about adding Barnes, and he did well to et into open space and catch a pass from Tommy Stevens in the endzone. He apparently then ran to the stands and gave the ball to his mom, and who doesn’t love that? … As far as evaluating the Stamps’ starters, it’s hard to really draw any conclusions. On offence, quarterback Jake Maier was only in for two drives, and while running back Ka’Deem Carey did flash on a couple plays, he barely played, too … Official attendance at McMahon Stadium on Monday was 17,942 … Logan Bonner got into the game early in the fourth quarter and on his very first play at quarterback he found Luther Hakunavanhu with a nice touchdown pass. It’s not like one play will be what leads the Stamps keeping a quarterback around, but it was a great bit of vision and a terrific toss … I also thought Chris Reynolds showed some nice things in his time at quarterback in the third quarter … The absence of Tre Roberson from Monay’s lineup meant we didn’t get a chance to see Jonathan Moxey at boundary half-back for the first time. He was instead at the boundary corner position. I do think that the way Moxey adapts to the half-back spot will be one of the more intriguing things to watch early this season … T.J. Rayam had an absolutely massive sack. He’ll be behind Mike Rose on the depth chart, pretty much no matter what, but he’s definitely got the potential to be a difference maker … There was no World’s Fastest Cow but I don’t know how much to read into that … I’d honestly never heard of Ryth-Jean Giraud until the fourth quarter, but the 26-year-old from Montreal can straight-up ball. He had a nice long run late in the game and then finished a drive off with a touchdown.



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