Prince Harry places iron-clad conditions on royal family for reconciliation

  • November 10, 2023

Prince Harry has reportedly placed a condition on the royal family before opening the door to any plans for reconciliation.

According to royal commentator Angela Levin, while speaking to GB News, the Duke of Sussex reportedly demands an apology for his wife Meghan Markle form the royal family for mistreating her during the couple’s time in the Firm.

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After it emerged that the couple was not invited to the King’s 75th birthday the commentator stated that it was likely that the Duke of Sussex’s demands were the reason for not getting an invitation.  

“You won’t get Harry coming along to the King’s 75th party because he is absolutely determined that he won’t get involved with his parents or his brother or anybody else – unless they apologise to Megan profusely,” he said. 

“I believe he’s got a list of what he’s angry about and he wants to go one by one and get an apology for how he’s been treated and how she’s been treated. It’s not going to happen.”

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