Prince Harry left ‘definitely embarrassed’ over ‘disrespectful’ Meghan Markle

  • September 10, 2023

Prince Harry was not happy with Meghan Markle over her attempt to curtsey 

Meghan Markle had left Prince Harry ‘definitely embarrassed’ after the Duchess of Sussex had recreated the ‘awkward’ curtsey moment in the pair’s Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan.

Speaking about the moment, body language expert Dr Louise Mahler told The Morning Show that the Suits actress’s ‘disrespectful’ gesture was “one of the moments” in which the Duke of Sussex was left mortified.

“The whole story about the curtsy was disrespectful. If you went to a different country with a different culture, say Japan, and they said you had to bow, you would not make fun of that bow,” she said.

“You would see it as a creative opportunity, you wouldn’t suddenly talk about ‘Oh in medieval times’.

She added: “I think he was definitely embarrassed at that moment and this was one of the few moments he was embarrassed, and I think he should be embarrassed a lot more”.

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