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A scientific expert on TikTok has explained why pineapple leaves a tingling sensation in the mouth. Much to the dismay of tropical fruit lovers, many have vowed “never to eat the fruit again” and have been left shocked by the scientific discovery posted on the social media platform which has gained over 35.9 million views so far. Microscopic expert, @sf_microscopy, posts various videos online which analyse different fruits under a microscope for fans to understand the science behind the look, taste and feel of a fruit.

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In the video, the camera focuses on a slice of the fruit as tweezers are taken to grab a tiny piece. Under the microscope, it is revealed the culprit behind the unusual taste bud sensation is a needle-shaped crystal called a raphide.

User @sf_microscopy says the feeling arises because we are “getting stabbed” by “thousands” of tiny needles called raphides. The needles are “crystals of calcium oxalade” and often found in leafy greens too. The raphides jab at the cell membanes in the mouth, which is what causes the tingling irritation.

He said: “These needles serve as a defensive function against insect herbivores to deter them from eating the plant’s fruits and protect the seeds.”

Other foods that have an abundance of crystals are kiwi, taro, grapes, and yams, so you may feel a similar sensation when these foods touch your tongue. Although @sf_microscopy believes the discovery will not put him off from eating the fruit, other social media followers tend to disagree.

User @peytonpc wrote: “My tongue always feels weird, like it stings, and now I know why.”

@Nalgona666 added: “This is why I don’t like pineapple.”

@Jades.777 wrote: “I have a phobia of needles and now all of a sudden I don’t want to eat pineapple ever again.”

The scientific social media account has 77K followers to date. The video has gained a massive 35.9 million views and 3.8 million likes so far on the social media platform.

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