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Appearances can be deceptive, which means appearances do not always convey accurate information about something that is right in front of us. Therefore, in terms of optical illusions, you need to deeply see and find out what exactly is present in the picture. Optical illusions are mainly images that can be tricky and make you think about what exactly the fuss is all about, as illusions come with ambiguities and distortions as well.
In this particular picture, you will see a vintage drawing room having a couch, cabinets, and multiple books on the shelves. The room also has tons of vintage stuff such as photo frames, trays, wall hangings, etc. Now, your job is to find a hidden hourglass amidst the mess, but remember you have a timer of 13 seconds, as the hourglass is right in front of your naked eyes, however, do not let the other things distract you.
In the case of optical illusions we at times do see the things which are not even present in the image. You need to understand that the image is an optical illusion which happens when the brain does not accurately interpret what the eyes mainly see. This is a result of you being tricked into witnessing things that are not even present there, or you have not seen things that are present there.Our senses mainly gather such information and send it to our brain, but our brain does not simply receive this information and soon creates a certain perception of the object around us. This leaves us with a simple gap with incomplete information which thus creates an image that is not even present there.

Optical Illusion

(Image Credits: Fresherslive.com)

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Returning to the challenge, your time is already up, and if you have found the hidden hourglass then congratulations, if not then no issues, we are here for you. We have marked the hourglass above as it is located right in front of you, to the extreme left of the image. If you have found the answer, then pat your back, as you have sharp cognitive skills.


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