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Salsas del Sol is the latest venture run by chef Will Pouget, who also runs the Vaults & Garden cafe on the other side of the High Street, as well as the vegetarian and vegan falafel cafe Chickpea a short distance away in King Edward Street.

Mr Pouget has been running the acclaimed Vaults & Garden cafe at the University Church of St Mary the Virgin for the past 20 years. 

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He also runs Alpha Bar in the Covered Market.

Chickpea specialises in plant-based meals, with dishes coming from all over the Middle-East – from Iran and Morocco to Israel and Egypt.

At Chickpea you can choose from pittas or bowls, with falafel, halloumi, salads and tangines.

Oxford Mail: Salsas del Sol restaurant

There is also a choice of salads and deli toppings from tabbouleh and roasted vegetable to sweet potato, tsatsiki, pickles and an avocado dip.

There are plenty of vegetarian dishes available at Salsas del Sol but rotisserie chicken is also a highlight of the menu, with sides and extra salsas.

There are lots salads on offer too including couscous, aubergines, mushrooms, cabbage, guacamole, and broccoli.

Oxford Mail:

Alongside cakes from Tap Social’s Barefoot Bakery, Salsas del Sol also has a juice bar and coffee and other drinks are also served.

This latest opening means food expert Mr Pouget has an even greater influence on high street cuisine.

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The Vaults & Garden cafe is situated in a building dating back to 1320 at the University Church, with a vaulted ceiling and garden.

His business empire is continuing to expand and thrive after recovering from tough times experienced during the pandemic.

Chickpea was Mr Pouget’s first new business for many years and this has now been followed by Salsas del Sol.

Oxford Mail: Salsas del Sol restaurant

In a review of Salsas del Sol for student newspaper Cherwell Oliver Hall, said: “The offering here is similar to the other places in Will’s repertoire but with key twists to differentiate itself. Bowls are again the base here but the contents are different. 

“For me, the rotisserie chicken is the star of the show. A quarter chicken with sauces on the side comes in at just £7.50 and you can even take away a whole bird for £15.”

He added: “Not a chicken man? Pulled pork is available too and pairs even better with the corn tortillas you can opt for on the side.

Oxford Mail: Salsas del Sol restaurant

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“It’s another opening from Will Pouget and yet again he has managed to reproduce everything that makes his model great with innovative twists that make all the difference.

“Chicken for me is the big highlight but juices will standout for others  – that’s what makes Salsas del Sol so good, there really is something for everyone.”

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