NCT’s Taeil releases ‘captivating’ lyrical video for track ‘The Waves’


NCT Taeil releases emotional track The Waves

NCT’s Taeil released the lyrical video for track The Waves, which is featured as the soundtrack of drama, Captivating the King.

The song offers a magical and suspenseful taste of melodies, captivating the listeners with Taeil’s emotive singing and spiritual voice that encapsulates the drama’s narrative.

The lyrics offer a sense of misery, depicting the voice of broken and anxious hearts. Drawing comparisons between rain and love, the song showcases a wave of emotions.

The Waves encompasses a combination of revenge and love, perfectly contributing to the OST.

The OST features actors in costumes, flawlessly doing justice to the plot and storyline, adjusting the melodious structure.

The singer communicated his feelings and emotions through the lyrics, bringing characters to life. 

Taeil has established his name in the industry, participating in various musical avenues, including drama OSTs, and relative music content. 

He has achieved the status of a talented and versatile artist, touching souls with his phenomenal singing skills.

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