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Mira Aerospace and VEDA Aeronautics Partner to Launch Specialized HAPS Technology in India

by Sophie Jenkins

London, UK (SPX) Mar 22, 2024

Mira Aerospace, a joint venture between Bayanat and UAVOS for High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) development, and VEDA Aeronautics, a front-runner in Unmanned Systems within the Indian Aerospace and Defence sector , have unveiled a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to introduce the advanced ApusNeo HAPS technology, tailored specifically for India’s unique needs, to serve both defence and civilian applications. The partnership pledges to roll out a market-specific HAPS platform by mid-2024, building on the success of prior test flights in Indian airspace-the only endeavor of its kind in the region to date.

VEDA Aeronautics’ recent engagement in the Make-1 initiative by the Indian Airforce, aiming to craft a HAPS capable of 30-45 days endurance at 18,000m with a 35KG payload, underlines the strategic significance of this collaboration. This development could significantly enhance persistent monitoring capabilities along India’s vast borders.

Hasan Al Hosani of Bayanat highlighted the strategic importance of India in Mira Aerospace’s global expansion, noting the opportunity for deploying AI-driven geospatial solutions across India’s diverse landscapes. “The alliance with VEDA Aeronautics underscores the escalating demand for advanced geospatial intelligence solutions, marking a major leap in our quest to penetrate the Indian market with state-of-the-art technologies,” Al Hosani stated.

Dipesh Gupta of VEDA Aeronautics expressed enthusiasm over the collaboration, emphasizing its role in propelling India to the forefront of HAPS technology adoption. “This partnership not only signifies a monumental stride in our technological advancement but also cements our commitment to innovation, opening new vistas in aerospace excellence and strategic capabilities,” Gupta remarked.

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