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  • November 18, 2023

In a rather absurd and disturbing turn of events, a pro-Israel X account that goes by the name of The Mossad: Satirical, Yet Awesome shared a rather graphic image of Mia Khalifa, photoshopped in a way where, in the background, a multitude of the Israeli Occupation Forces could be seen, wielding their weaponry. The account in question goes by the description, “For the duration of Swords of Iron to defeat Hamas terrorists, we are forgoing the satire to share real, up-to-date information. We will win.”

Addressing the abhorrent implications of the image, Mia, who has been actively speaking up for the Palestinian cause, did not hold back when it came to her response on the matter. Quoting the post, she shared on the site formerly known as Twitter, “Genocidal rapists. I’d say I’m disgusted but this sort of rhetoric is on par for Zionists seeing as how Israel is a safe haven state for convicted sexual offenders.”

While her replies were flooded by many pro-Israel accounts flocking to demean her further, the quotes on the post told a different tale. “Zionists absolutely love to tell women they should get raped. From what I have seen it’s honestly their single most consistent position,” said one X user. “From what I’ve seen, the accusations are just confessions from those bloodthirsty degenerates. Free Palestine,” said another. 

Yet another X user stated, “Fascist Zionists joke about sexually assaulting Mia Khalifa because of her outspoken support for Palestine! Well, they think genocide is okay so every other form of violence is okay to these fascists. This Palestinian woman says Mia Khalifa has more dignity and humanity than all of Israeli society put together! And we love you and appreciate your solidarity.”

Despite the plethora of negative comments that flooded her replies, Mia stayed resolute in her stance. “You can say whatever you want about me, I fear nothing in this life more than living with the regret and shame of not doing or saying enough with my platform during a genocide and systemic ethnic cleansing. It doesn’t end with Gaza, they’ve made that abundantly clear,” she shared.

On the other hand, Game of Thrones star Lena Headey, who played the iconic and inimitable Cersei Lannister on the series, stepped forth to lend her voice to the cause as well. Sharing an image that called for an immediate ceasefire, alongside the text, “We are witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe,” the star also penned a small note on Instagram.

“Too much. F—ing paralyzing. Words aren’t enough, nothing we can do or say is enough. Standing at the edge of it and watching and reading and shutting down. Bearing witness, feeling the greatest sadness and the biggest anger,” said Lena. The star’s past few Instagram posts have been dedicated to speaking up for the Palestinian cause and opposing Israeli oppression, whilst also calling for the safeguarding of Jewish lives. 

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