Mel B shares emotional encounter about domestic abuse women face in supermarket


Mel highlighted necessity of providing immediate support in the workplace.

Mel B has shared her transition from being recognized by fans on the street to becoming a confidante for women opening up about domestic abuse experiences in everyday settings. 

The singer, who has been an advocate for the cause since filing for divorce from Hollywood producer Stephen Belafonte in March 2017 amidst abuse allegations he denies, spoke about her encounters during a panel discussion commemorating the 50th anniversary of Women’s Aid on International Women’s Day.

Mel B, who was honored with an MBE in 2022 for her philanthropic endeavors and support for vulnerable women, became a patron of Women’s Aid in 2018. 

Reflecting on her public persona shift, she disclosed, “Before, it was like all right Scary, now I get women coming up to me literally in tears telling me their story when I’m in Aldi or Sainsbury’s.”

During a panel discussion alongside Women’s Aid chief executive Farah Nazeer and Amanda Cupples, general manager at Airbnb for Northern Europe, former Spice Girl opened up about the evolving conversations surrounding domestic abuse. 

The event, hosted by Victoria Newton, editor of The Sun, at a members’ club in London, emphasized fostering safe environments for survivors in the workplace.

Sherecounted her own experiences, including her ex-husband’s alleged ban from the set of America’s Got Talent by Simon Cowell during her tenure as a judge. 

She expressed gratitude for the workplace being a sanctuary away from potential harm. 

Mel emphasized the importance of HR teams being vigilant for signs of domestic abuse and offering support to those in need.

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