Mark Zuckerberg's adventurous hobbies can kill him, warns Meta – SUCH TV


Meta alerted investors of the “risk of serious injury and death” associated with CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s enjoyment of “high-risk activities” in its most recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

The warning was initially mentioned under “risk factors” in Meta’s 10-K filing, which is a detailed account of the tech giant’s operations through 2023. Despite this, the 39-year-old has risky hobbies including mixed martial arts and hydrofoiling.

Due to his love of unarmed combat, Zuckerberg tore his ACL during a training session in November of last year.

During the pandemic, Zuckerberg began studying Brazilian jiujitsu, and he has since posted pictures of his toned body from practice. In May of last year, he took home gold and silver medals from a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament, according to New York Post.

In honour of Independence Day, the billionaire posted a video of himself foiling across a lake while holding an American flag to the tune of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” While some online users have mocked the surfer for his physique, the founder of Facebook is also an avid surfer.

It has also been stated that Zuckerberg has been pursuing a pilot’s licence.

Based on documents from the Federal Aviation Administration, the father of three received his student pilot certificate in the previous year.

Zuckerberg may have finished the training required to become a qualified pilot, according to Meta’s most recent SEC filing, which lists his risky hobbies as “combat sports, extreme sports, and recreational aviation.”

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