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  • September 2, 2023

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Please, don’t vote Trump

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It seems like some people actually like Donald Trump. Give your heads a shake, people. Trump lies about lies. If by chance, Trump is re-elected as U.S. president in 2024, kiss world peace, stability, democracy and freedoms goodbye.

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(We can only hope he manages to do something to run himself out of the race.)

Bad bill

I saw a great story about Elsie MacGill, the first Canadian woman to design a Canadian airplane, the Maple Leaf II; she will be on a new commemorative coin. I tried to share it but because of the Canadian government’s (ie. Trudeau’s) New Censorship bill, I could not. Imagine not being able to share Canada’s great history. Thanks a lot, Trudeau, can’t wait until you finally fly away.


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(He won’t be missed.)

Trudeau’s fantasy land

So, if anything these disasters from coast to coast to coast have taught us is that the first facility to go off, in wind, rain, snow, ice, fire, storms is — what — electricity. Then the long rebuild takes just that. Just how in the name of Justin Trudeau can you survive, evacuate if necessary, when apparently all things in his fantasy world are plug-ins. Long past his best before, it expired when he quipped that budgets balance themselves, Canada is back, Sunny Ways — tell that to the populace today in this floundering economy that he created.


(If the Conservatives do become government after the next federal election, they are going to have to spend so much time unwinding the damage the Trudeau Liberals have done to this country)

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The ‘Right’ stuff

I laugh when I hear PM Trudeau or any of his flunkies use the term “far-right.” I suppose it’s to instil fear and apprehension with the public. “Far-right” has been rendered meaningless by its overuse, and it has been reduced to a punchline of a joke, but some will cling to it like it’s the last life-jacket on a sinking ship. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of history will note that almost all authoritarian, totalitarian regimes arise on the left end of the political gamut. Whether it is fascism, national socialism or communism, they all have one thing in common, and that is to make you an obedient servant of the state.


(Too often, politicians and pundits use terms like ‘far-right’ to divide and conquer.)

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