Letters for September 9, 2023: ‘Take a note from Israel and handle rioters with stronger force.’ – best news

  • September 9, 2023

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Maybe Israel has it right

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I’m 100 percent all for a peaceful, NON-VIOLENT protest. However, the riot, damage to property, and disrespect for our laws should not be allowed at all!. While I don’t agree with some of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s views, I totally agree with his plan to round up all of those rioters who caused a similar riot in Israel recently, and deport them. It is the right thing to do! I’m aware that in Canada if a person is a citizen, regardless of where they were born, they can’t be deported. But they should be punished for breaking the law. I’d be pleasantly surprised if our prime minister even denounced what happened here, so I’ll not hold my breath for that, or I’ll need CPR!                                                                                    

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(Good call on breathing, Paul. Trudeau would have to care about Alberta first.)

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Leave K-Country alone, Smith

Hey Daniel Smith, why would you let a logging company clear-cut Kananaskis Country? Clear-cutting is never a good thing. It isn’t good for the wildlife and now the land is open to erosion and flooding. That area should be protected. Why can’t they select-cut instead? It wouldn’t be so hard on the environment. But you don’t like to listen to us. We told you ‘No’ to coal mining, but you almost didn’t listen until we started to yell about it. You don’t seem to care about the environment.


(Like most politicians, priority one is usually those who can vote. Better start getting some wildlife registered!)

Take action, and fast

Regarding the recent clash in northeast Calgary: We need to take strong and swift action to prevent other occurrences of this nature. As many of the perpetrators as possible need to be identified, convicted and sentenced. If we do not take a hard stance and judges use the usual “catch and release” policy we will have nothing but future incidents where law-abiding citizens will be afraid to leave their homes. 


(We are in complete agreement, something needs to happen to deter future riots.)

Is it us?

Why in the world would Tamara Lich be having this trial for the lawful trucking protest, and be put in jail for weeks, and yet not a single arrest in the Eritrean event police are calling a riot with weapons with people hurt and businesses damaged? Because Trudeau is a child having a tantrum. Is it because she is from Alberta? You can bet your sweet pippy on it.


(Pretty sure Trudeau doesn’t know, or care, about the riot.)

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