King Charles fails to hide ‘sadness’ in public amid Prince Harry rift


King Charles fails to hide ‘sadness’ in public amid Prince Harry rift

King Charles showcased gestures of anxiety and sadness during his first speech at the State Opening of Parliament on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Discerning his body language, expert Darren Stanton revealed the 74-year-old monarch “lacked ownership and inner strength with his words,” looking “really nervous through his mannerisms and delivery.”

“He would also tap his fingers as a way of reassuring himself. It suggests he did this as he felt he needed to give himself a boost he needed,” he explained to the Daily Express.

The King eventually ended up gaining his confidence back, and transformed his “robotic” demeanor to display emotions at the mention of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II during the speech.

“Charles began to show a bit more of himself when he had moments of sadness, as he reflected on the late Queen and how she did her duty,” Stanton continued.

“We saw him become more open and honest with his emotions when he was speaking about his mother. I can tell he felt the pressure with this speech and wanted to make her proud.

The expert added: “Although we saw Charles feeling nervous, he did show how compassionate and enthusiastic he is about human interest. It is what most people expected it to be.“

Charles’ latest appearance follows a recent back and forth between the Palace and his youngest son Prince Harry over the King’s 75th birthday invite. 

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