King Charles’ cancer helps William, Harry end rift


Prince William, Prince Harry may reach stalemate in bid to heal family rift

Prince William, Prince Harry and their wives have reportedly decided to put their rift aside to please King Charles who’s putting brave face to win his battle with cancer.

King Charles’s cancer and Kate’s major surgery have given an opportunity to the Waleses and the Sussexes to rebuild their famous Fab Four image by forgiving and forgetting each other.

Harry and Meghan, along with William and Kate, became known as the ‘Fab Four’ as they attended royal engagements as a happy foursome, however it didn’t last long

It reportedly ended after Harry read William and Kate riot act over Meghan. Now, royal health crisis has given them another chance to rekindle their relationship.

The relationship between the brothers has become difficult and tense in recent years, causing a knock on effect to Harry and Kate’s friendship.

The Duke of Sussex wants to repair his once close relationship with sister-in-law Princess Kate, but he’s said to be ‘hesitant’ to reach out to the Princess of Wales.

“I think there was once a relationship, a friendship, a very close one between Harry and Kate. I’m sure he’s concerned about her as well, but I know that she wants to have nothing to do with them, ” royal expert Christopher Anderson told Us Weekly.

The expert added: “Every time he’s gone there, he’s been given the cold shoulder and he’s aware of that, I think he fears it’ll just be the same situation all over.”

It’s being claimed that Harry had build contact with William before travelling to the UK to see King Charles. Meghan and Kate are also said to be speaking to each other.

Harry will return to the UK in May for a service for the Invictus Games, which are expected to see the full support of the royal family, including Prince William and King Charles.

The Duke of Sussex created the Invictus Games in 2014 in London, and the games could be set to return to the UK in 2027 as the UK government has launched a £26m bid to host the event in Birmingham.

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