Kevin Bacon shares why he commences Six Degrees podcast

  • September 9, 2023

Kevin Bacon shares why he commences Six Degrees podcast

Kevin Bacon has recently turned into a host for his new Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon podcast, which will be used to make a “positive impact” in the world.

In a press statement shared by PEOPLE magazine, the podcast is an “extension of Kevin’s non-profit organisation” and its mission is “to encourage people to make a difference in the world around them and will help them to lean in, learn and be inspired to act”.

In the first podcast, Kevin told PEOPLE that he will invite celebrity guests and also individuals “either working with the foundations or actually literally on the ground doing good work for the world, that really don’t get a voice”.

When asked what inspired the show, the actor continued, “You hear celebrities speak and you see them all the time, but the people that do the actual groundwork get a chance to really share their experience.”

“So, we thought, ‘Why not combine those two things?’” remarked Kevin.

Actor Mark Ruffalo was Kevin’s first celebrity guests followed by Matthew McConaughey, Jewel, Thomas Rhett and Bear Grylls.

“There’s a pretty wide variety. It’s fun because I get to shoot the breeze with some of these people,” added the actor.

Kevin further said, “I find hosting challenging in its own way. I’ve done countless interviews myself, but being on the other side of it is a whole new experience for me.”

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