Kendall Jenner’s surprise visit to Irish pub in Alabama, fans go wild


Kendall Jenner spreads cheer with shots and margaritas.

Kendall Jenner made a surprise appearance at Innisfree Irish Pub in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, causing a stir among fans who were not expecting to see the supermodel and reality star. 

The event was part of a promotional “takeover” party for her brand, 818 Tequila.

Jenner arrived at the pub in a black SUV and greeted excited fans outside before joining the staff behind the bar. 

She participated in pouring $2 shots and $4 margaritas made with her 818 Tequila, which she launched in 2021.

Earlier in the day, Jenner had reposted a video from her tequila brand teasing visits to various college towns, including Tuscaloosa. 

She further fueled anticipation with a video featuring the Tuscaloosa water tower, accompanied by the iconic Lynyrd Skynyrd song Sweet Home Alabama.

Innisfree Irish Pub, known for its popularity among college students, shared footage of Jenner’s departure on Instagram, expressing hopes for her return.

Jenner’s impromptu visit to the local hotspot was met with excitement from attendees, who shared their experiences on social media before she departed to visit other college bars in the area.

Fans were spotted outside the Innisfree Irish Pub in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, sporting 818 caps in support of Kendall Jenner’s tequila brand. 

Launched three years ago, Jenner’s 818 Tequila has experienced significant success, propelling her to the cover of Forbes magazine’s “Special Issue” titled 30 Under 30 for the class of 2023.

Recognized as an entrepreneur, Jenner’s inclusion on the Forbes cover highlighted her business acumen in building 818 Tequila into an international success story.

Despite her considerable wealth, estimated at $60 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, Jenner’s feature underscored the importance of business savvy over sheer wealth in earning such recognition.

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