Kanye West shows ‘authority’ over Bianca Censori in latest explicit video


Kanye West shows ‘authority’ over Bianca Censori in latest explicit video 

Kanye West seemingly shows his authoritative nature over his wife, Bianca Censori, in the latest released explicit video.

For the unversed, the rapper recently shared a video clip of his partner in a see-through bodysuit.

The video showed five look-alike clones of Bianca wearing the same inappropriate dress.

Speaking of the musician’s inappropriate move, body language expert Judi James told The Mirror that Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband wants to show his ‘power’ over the Australian beauty. 

The expert said, “In this clip, he seems to have taken things further in an odd power move by creating what looks like a small army of Bianca clones, all wearing identical see-through body suits.”

“He could be suggesting his ‘super hero’ power is to mould women into his ideal look although duplicating it like this does not seem to suggest any idea of satisfaction or deep attachment to the idea of uniqueness or individuality,” Judi added. 

While analysing the video, she explained that Bianca’s clones “dress the same, they have been made to look the same… their body language is identical.”

Judi also believes that “maybe Kanye is trying to message women generally to suggest we should all be buying and copying his idea of a fashion look.”

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