Joe Jonas candidly reacts to CVS security guard telling him he ‘looks crazy’


Joe Jonas has opened up about an amusing experience he had on a recent CVS run.

The singer, 34, shared a video to TikTok on 1 November to recount how he was noticed by one of the employees in the store.

“So I just walked into a CVS and the security guy goes: ‘Oh, Joe Jonas!’ and I say: ‘Hey man, what’s going on?’” he said, while filming himself walking through aisles of the store.

He went on to explain that during the interaction, the security guard made a quip about his appearance. “I shook his hand, and he goes: ‘Man you look crazy in person,’” Jonas continued.

The Jonas Brothers frontman hilariously questioned the CVS worker’s remark, concluding: “I don’t know, is that a compliment?”

He reiterated his question in the caption, writing: “Is it a compliment? Yes or no?”

Jonas’ video has quickly gone viral, with more than one million views. In the comments, some fans poked fun at the way that the singer told his story, while others attempted to defend the security guard.

“Was I just on FaceTime with Joe Jonas,” one quipped, while another agreed: “I feel like we’re on FaceTime.”

“Take it as a compliment babe and keep going,” a third wrote.

Other fans described what they thought the security guard meant to say to Jonas. They also expressed how excited they would be if they casually ran into the singer at a CVS.

“Maybe he meant to say ‘it’s crazy to see you in person,’” one wrote, while another added: “LMFAOOOOOO he was def trying to say ‘it’s crazy to see you in person’ and he will def think abt this for the rest of his life.”


The Disney Channel alum’s viral story about CVS comes as he and his ex, Sophie Turner, are making headlines after announcing their divorce in September. In October, court documents revealed that Jonas filed to dismiss his dissolution petition that was filed in Miami after four days of mediation with Turner, during which time they reportedly reached “various agreements” with a view to “pursue an amicable resolution of all issues”.

The former couple also agreed to split custody of their two daughters Willa, three, and a one year old. Per the agreement, each parent will have the children for about two weeks at a time until 7 January 2024, with their time being split between the US, where Jonas is based, and the UK, where Turner is based.

This agreement allows the children to spend two holidays with their parents: Thanksgiving with their father and Christmas with their mother.

The mediation came after Turner sued Jonas for the wrongful retention of their children, with allegations that Jonas had been withholding their passports to prevent their return to England. In the complaint filed against the musician, the Game of Thrones star’s lawyers called for “the immediate return of children wrongfully removed or wrongfully retained,” and asserted the “wrongful retention” began on 20 September.

A representative for Jonas dismissed this claim in an email statement to The Independent, where they said the singer is “okay” with his daughters being raised in the two countries.

Since the split, the pair have continued to be spotted in the public eye. Earlier this week, Turner was seen kissing one of the UK’s “most eligible bachelors” – British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson – during a recent trip to Paris.

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