Jason Segel gushes over Michael Jackson’s interview


Jason Segel gushes over Michael Jackson’s interview

A Michael Jackson interview helped Jason Segel chart his life’s choppy waters.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the 43-year-old recalled his low phase when his work was going steady, but he was not content.

“In that period when I was trying to figure it out, I only took projects where I could be around people I really admired, so I could ask them a lot of questions,” Segel said.

However, the How I Met Your Mother star continued, “this crazy interview between Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant where Michael Jackson basically told Kobe Bryant, ‘When you are around people you admire, do not be a fan, be an interviewer. Ask them every question that you feel will be a helpful tool for your journey.’”

“So I asked one friend, ‘What is art?” He said, ‘Art is performing an act of self-exploration, on behalf of an audience,’ which resonates with my style of acting,” the actor said.

“Now I choose things where for the next however long this project is, it’s my job to go through something on film and in this one it’s grief.”

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