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  • September 9, 2023

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That feeling you get when you walk into a luxury — that deep breath in, one where you immerse yourself in all it has to offer — what if you could have that all the time? Not just when walking (or sneaking) into a grand lobby, but when opening the door to your apartment after a long day at work?

Enter Hotel Collections. As the brand explains, the company was founded with the intention of bringing the five-star hotel experience home to you. With an array of candles and home mists formulated after the way some of the world’s most iconic buildings smell (yes, really), they make the feeling of high-end hotels in home fragrance form.

Hotel Collections also offers cozy sweats, reed diffusers, and even office-sized options, but today, we’re focusing on a few basics: Candles and candle accessories.

After all, even the act of lighting a pleasant candle can be a moment of self-care. So indulging yourself in one that’s reminiscent of the hotel chain of your dreams? That’s next level.

Below, shop Home Collections candles modeled on some of the most recognizable resort brands worldwide. I think we can start using “staycation” again now. It’s time.

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