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  • November 18, 2023

In a recent episode of Mohib Mirza’s talk show, Pakistani actor Amar Khan and her mother, seasoned artist Fariha Jabeen, engaged in a candid conversation about their respective journeys in the entertainment industry. Jabeen, with three decades of experience, humbly referred to herself as a “C-class actress,” underlining the importance of education, even in showbiz.

Amar Khan, a rising star, reflected on the pivotal role her mother played in shaping her future. Jabeen’s emphasis on education, regardless of career choices, resonated in Amar’s recollection; “Even if you want to become a sweeper, work hard and get an education first. Because I didn’t have the privileges that you do, I want my daughter to make the most of them,” she quoted her mother as saying.

Revealing another one of her mother’s aspirations, Amar shared, “She’d always tell me (speaking in Punjabi), ‘I want my daughter to be able to speak fluent English onscreen.'” Jabeen clarified her perspective, “See, whether or not I become a big actress, I wanted for my daughter to become a big star. I am a C-class actress till date.”

Mohib Mirza attempted to challenge Jabeen’s humility, but she remained resolute, “While being a C-class actress, I tried my best to make my daughter an A-class actress. Whether I get to change my shoes or not, whether I get to make my hair or not, I wanted my daughter to go fully-prepared, with an education.”

In essence, the conversation between Amar and Fariha unveiled a powerful narrative of a mother’s dedication to paving the way for her daughter’s success in the unpredictable world of entertainment. Their story serves as an inspiring testament to the significance of education, hard work, and the enduring influence of a mother’s wisdom.

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