First anti-aging pill for dogs enters clinical trials | Semafor – best news


The first anti-aging pill for dogs is now in clinical trials, and researchers hope it will pave the way for lifespan-extending drugs for people. San Francisco-based veterinary medicine startup Loyal developed the chewable pill, and is waiting on approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for an injectable anti-aging drug for large dogs. The drug is expected to be most successful in larger breeds, which tend to die younger.

The pill, which works by altering metabolic processes, will be tested on 1,000 dogs over 10 years old and weighing at least 14 pounds. The dogs will be monitored over four years, and their lifespan and quality of life compared to those given a placebo. Loyal hopes it will extend their lives by at least an extra year.

The company aims to get conditional approval from the FDA by early 2025, and said it’s committed to making the treatment affordable for pet owners.

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