Fans sing praises for Millie Bobby Brown after showing her bare skin


Fans sing praises for Millie Bobby Brown after showing her bare skin
Fans sing praises for Millie Bobby Brown after showing her bare skin

Millie Bobby Brown has gained tons of traction after candidly sharing a picture of her makeup-free face and talking about her difficulties with dealing with acne outbreaks regularly.

The 20-year-old actress, who also runs a makeup line called Florence by Mills, is most known for her role as the superpowered adolescent Eleven in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

This week, the celebrity opened up about her skin issues and fears on the social media website of her makeup brand.

The actress posted a picture of herself in the back of a car. She is engaged to 21-year-old American model Jake Bongiovi.

Fans could see several red areas on her cheeks and face since her hair was held back from her face and she was not wearing any makeup.

Alongside the image, Millie wrote: “my journey with acne is something very personal to me. we all deserve to feel confident & comfortable in our own skin & I hope by sharing my experience, you feel inspired to embrace your skin & love it no matter what stage it’s in!”

She had a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram Stories, answering a variety of inquiries about makeup and skin care. A fan enquired: “How do you stay confident in your own skin when you’re having a breakout?” And Millie replied: “Knowing that breakouts are temporary moments in life and that this shall eventually pass! Loving and accepting your skin at any stage is one of the most freeing feelings.”

Another asked: “Any advice for those who feel insecure because of acne?” And the Stranger Things star replied: “Remember to be kind to yourself and know what your breakouts do not define you. Breakouts are something that you do not need to be ashamed of. I prefer makeup-free days when my skin struggles and try to keep my routine simple and easy.”

As she gave further skin-care advice, a fan enquired as to how the celebrity conceals a spot without aggravating it. She replied, saying: “I avoid applying any makeup over it when I can to let it breathe. Our spot a spot acne patches are a lifesaver during tough skin days because they have skin-loving ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil.”

She also gave her top tips for getting rid of blackheads, explaining: “Lately, my go-to trick is using our pore power to you deep cleansing pore strips. I like that each set includes strips for both the chin and nose and they are super gentle when helping to remove any blackheads.”

When the A List celebrity revealed her skin problems, fans were overjoyed and showered her Instagram post with messages of appreciation and love. A moved follower responded as follows: “Thank you for showing this as I have had very bad acne growing up and just seeing this photo makes me so inspired.” Another took to the comments to remark: “When ever I’m feeling down about my skin I’ll always remember what mills said.” And another typed: “love you mills … everyone who reads this, remember your skin is beautiful!”


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