Emma Stone gets emotional after meeting her autistic fan at Poor Things screening


Emma Stone feels overwhelmed after interacting with her ‘lonely’ fan

Emma Stone gets emotional after meeting her autistic fan during a Q&A session for new movie, Poor Things.

At a screening in London’s Curzon Soho on Thursday, one of Emma’s avid fans revealed, “I have been watching your career for the last 12 years.”

“I love Poor Things. I have watched it six times,” remarked the Easy A actress’ fan.

The audience member noted, “You always bring electricity to the screen in every single one of your performances and everything you create is always pure and honest.”

“I have really fell [sic] in love with your heart, your confidence, your wicked strength, your advocacy for mental health and awareness,” stated a fan.

The actress fan described his school time as “lonely” and “unable to make friends”.

“You mentioned on a few occasions that you felt insecure when you didn’t graduate high school and didn’t go to college, but I enjoyed the comfort and the safety that you brought me during those years,” explained a fan.

Listening to all of this, Emma could not control her tears and shared heartfelt hug with her fan.

Later, Emma discussed about a message which she took on from her new movie.

The actress responded, “I think Bella (Poor Things) too is someone who gets to experience life in a way that isn’t defined by social constructs and she is able to take in life experiences in a completely original way.”

“She sees the good and the bad in equal measure and she is fascinated by what life has to offer,” added Emma.

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