Donald Glover confirms he secretly got married after ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’


Donald Glover and Michelle White have been together for eight years and share three sons

Donald Glover is finally married.

Amid ongoing speculation amid fans about the status of his relationship with long-time girlfriend Michelle White, Glover – also known as Childish Gambino – confirmed that he finally tied the knot while filming his new comedy series Mr and Mrs Smith.

The musician and comedian, 40, nonchalantly revealed the news on two separate occasions over the past few days.

In an interview with People Magazine, Glover referred to White as his “wife” while reflecting on how he drew from his own experiences to bring life to his character of spy John Smith.

“There’s a lot of scenes that are kind of just taken from my life – you know my wife’s hair is like, it’s not kinky, it’s long and I was in the shower and I was like, ‘What the hell is this?’” he said.

In a separate interview with The Independent, his co-star and on-screen wife Maya Erskine slipped up about the news as well.

“We both got married to our partners, respectively. Donald got married during the show and I got married right after the show, so definitely it had an impact on us,” Erskine said of the show’s realistic portrayal of marriage.

Glover and White share three children – sons Legend, Drake, and Donald Glover III.

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