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  • September 11, 2023

Bharti Singh went to nationals on behalf of her university. (Image: YouTube)

Comedian Bharti Singh said in her YouTube vlog that she had returned to rifle shooting practice after nearly 15 years.

Comedian Bharti Singh has entertained television audiences for many years with her different avatars. However, before she was such a successful comedian, Bharti was a national-level rifle shooter. The comedian-turned-YouTuber recently released a new vlog on her channel in which she could be seen practicing shooting at a range. She said that she had returned to practice after nearly 15 years and shared some anecdotes from when she used to compete nationally.

Bharti said in her vlog, “15 years ago I used to practice rifle shooting. Jab main nationals ke liye jaati thi tab sabki apni apni rifle hoti thi aur hum university ke taraf se jaate the. Tab main apne aap ko bada kosti thi (When I went for the nationals, everyone had their own rifle and we were sent on behalf of our university. I used to curse myself a lot). I told myself that I have to earn a lot of money and buy my own rifle.”

In the video, Bharti could be seen hitting some targets right on the mark. Her coach even told her to continue to practice regularly. She then took her target card home and showed it to her son. When her son tore the card playfully, she said, “Why did you tear it down? I brought it home to scare your father.”

Bharti said that although she felt lazy before stepping out of her house for practice, she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt a cathartic release. She said that if anyone felt annoyed at someone, they should “come here, imagine the person you are angry with as your target and shoot”.

Besides being a comedian, a YouTuber and a national-level rifle shooter, Bharti is also an archer. Talking to Maniesh Paul in 2021, Bharti said that she would play sports a lot primarily to make sure her family had enough food to eat.

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