Crunchyroll Game Vault Goes Live for Unlimited Access to Free Mobile Games – latest news


Crunchyroll has officially launched the Crunchyroll Game Vault for Meta and Ultimate premium subscribers, giving them unlimited access to a vast library of mobile games.

The initiative supports a few games at first: River City Girls, inbento, Worldstride, Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump Dimensions, and Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery.

“Packed with plenty to play for fans of anime and anime-inspired entertainment, Crunchyroll Game Vault is available on Android now and iOS very soon in more than 200 countries, all playable with no ads and no in-app purchases,” a statement read.

Free Games Limited to Upper Tier Premium Subscribers

The premium subscriptions on Crunchyroll are Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultimate Fan. The Fan premium level subscribers, who pay $7.99 monthly, will not access the Crunchyroll Game Vault. These subscribers can only stream on a single device and enjoy no additional benefits.

The offering is available to Mega and Ultimate tier subscribers only. Mega Fan subscribers pay $9.99 monthly, while Ultimate Fan subscribers pay $14.99 monthly. The two premium tiers also provide access to over 24,000 hours of streaming or offline viewership of anime content across multiple devices.

Crunchyroll will gradually launch some features of this Game Vault for stability. It also plans to add new titles regularly to improve the overall experience.

The EVP of emerging business at Crunchyroll, Terry Li, said the Crunchyroll Game Vault presents a drawn-up and focused library of leading titles targeting anime fans who love gaming. The initiative also adds more value to Crunchyroll subscriptions.

Crunchyroll Game Vault differs from other free-to-download anime gaming titles by the anime streamer, like My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero.

The offering is similar to Netflix’s gaming plans announced two years ago. However, Netflix’s gaming plans are still testing, with the streaming giant making its games available to all subscribers.

Fans Are Not Impressed

Fans have reacted to the roll-out, with the majority expressing their displeasure with the latest initiative. One user said the offering was only “good in theory” and Crunchyroll should focus on improving its app.

Others also opined that Crunchyroll would instead release new anime shows on its streaming platform than have free games for top subscribers.

Crunchyroll Partners With Walmart

Crunchyroll has also taken a bold leap into retail by partnering with Walmart. The partnership will create seamless shopping experiences for anime fans.

The Crunchyroll Fan Shop will launch in over 2,400 Walmart stores through this partnership. The Crunchyroll Fan Shop supports various anime merchandise such as DVDs, vinyl, and figurines. It also supports gift card subscriptions for the streaming service to boost its numbers.

The partnership also highlights Walmart’s strategy to appeal to younger shoppers with a strong affinity for anime. Crunchyroll also distinguishes itself from other streaming platforms, such as Netflix, by focusing on anime.

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