City closes deteriorating Arlington Bridge indefinitely – news today

  • November 21, 2023

The City of Winnipeg has closed the Arlington Bridge, due to its deteroriating condition.

In a news release issued Tuesday afternoon, the city announced the bridge would be closed immediately following the results of a condition assessment.

The city has been aware of the need to replace the 121-year-old bridge and the condition assessment shed more light on steel corrosion and structural issues that make annual repairs on the bridge non-feasible, the city said.


The Arlington Bridge has been closed indefinitely, the City of Winnipeg announced Tuesday afternoon.

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians will now be required to detour across the rail yards via the McPhillips Street underpass or the Slaw Rebchuk Bridge between Salter and Isabel streets.

“We encourage drivers to get onto these routes as early as possible — ideally at Selkirk Avenue or Notre Dame Avenue and especially during morning and afternoon commutes — to avoid bottlenecks at Logan Avenue and Dufferin Avenue,” the city advised.

The future of the Arlington Bridge has been on the city’s radar for nearly a decade.