Charli XCX alleges Camila Cabello mimicked her style in new single


Social media frenzy as fans weigh in on Charli XCX’s alleged dig at Camila Cabello.

The pop music scene ignited with controversy as Charli XCX seemingly directed a pointed critique at fellow pop star Camila Cabello, amidst fan speculation that she had mirrored the British singer’s distinctive sound. 

Tensions flared as Cabello teased her upcoming single, I Luv It, on social media platforms.

With its departure from her typical Latin-inspired pop style, the song embraced a hyperpop sound that drew comparisons to XCX’s 2017 track I Got It. 

XCX sparked a social media storm after seemingly mocking Cabello on TikTok. 

The 31-year-old singer recreated a promotional clip originally shared by Cabello to tease her upcoming single. 

In the original video, she can be seen posing in the passenger seat of a luxury car, before lip-syncing to her new track. 

Charli’s TikTok parody, however, saw her mimicking Senorita’s singer poses while singing along to her own 2017 hit I Got It.

One fan quipped, “They can steal the recipe but the sauce will never taste the same!” 

Others weighed in on the supposed rivalry, with one fan suggesting that Charli was “mad because Camila is doing that sound for the first time and is already better than hers.”

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