Caroline Manzo lawsuit takes harsh toll on Brandi Glanville’s health and career


Brandi Glanville exposes devastating impact of Caroline Manzo lawsuit.

Brandi Glanville recently disclosed the significant physical and financial toll inflicted by Caroline Manzo’s sexual assault lawsuit, shedding light on the detrimental impact it has had on her well-being and career prospects. 

The lawsuit, filed by Manzo against Bravo last month, alleges that production encouraged Glanville to sexually harass her during filming of the Housewives spinoff, Ultimate Girls Trip in January 2023. Glanville vehemently denies these accusations.

She revealed that the stress from the lawsuit exacerbated her angioedema, leaving her disfigured last year. 

Now, she discloses that another stress-induced flare-up occurred, further worsening her health. Moreover, the lawsuit resulted in the loss of a promising job opportunity abroad for her. 

Speaking on her Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast, she lamented, “I feel like I spent a year already and not working. 

Now it’s the new year and I have a lot of good things happening. 

My friends found me a job overseas. I’m not going to say what it is… and now that the news came out, I can’t do it.” 

When news of the lawsuit surfaced, reality TV personality Brandi Glanville addressed the allegations exclusively to DailyMail, denying any involvement in sexual assault.

Manzo, on the other hand, claimed that Glanville had kissed her without consent and allegedly engaged in further unwanted physical contact.

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