Brtiney Spears’ sons seem happy without mother with Kevin Federline

  • November 21, 2023

Brtiney Spears’ sons seem happy without mother with Kevin Federline

Brtiney Spears’ sons Sean Preston and Jayden doesn’t seem to miss their mother, instead are having a great time with their father Kevin Federline.

Following their relocation to Hawaii, Sean Preston and Jayden James were just recently spotted surfing with Kevin Federline.

The brothers were seen on Tuesday riding waves with their older half-sister Kori, whom Federline has with her previous fiancée Shar Jackson, according to pictures acquired by Page Six.

Preston, eighteen, paddle-boarded in the ocean with his family while sporting a pair of gray bathing shorts.

Preston had not been seen since August, when he and his brother Jayden, 17, moved to the island from California with Federline, his wife Victoria Prince, and their two kids, Jordan, 12, and Peyton, 9.

The dancer from You Got Served, who is also the father of 19-year-old Kaleb, and 47-year-old Jackson, made the decision to go to Hawaii with his family because of his wife’s new work opportunity.

Federline, 45, asked Spears’ attorney in a letter sent in May whether she would consider allowing the teenagers to go to Hawaii permanently with him.

At the time, sources informed TMZ that Preston and Jayden had not seen their mother in more than a year and both wanted to go with their father.

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