Britons voice overwhelming ‘Preference’ for Princess Diana over Queen Camilla

  • September 10, 2023

Princess Diana preferred over Queen Camilla by half of Britons, poll reveals.

A new MailOnline exclusive poll indicates that half of Britons believe Princess Diana would have made a superior Queen to Queen Camilla.

Furthermore, less than a quarter of respondents think more favorably of Camilla since her marriage to Charles III in 2005.

Princess Diana remains the most beloved and influential royal, as a comprehensive poll conducted by Deltapoll for MailOnline reveals the sentiments of over 2,000 individuals towards the Royal Family, its members, and its work in the UK and worldwide.

Only 12 percent of those surveyed believe Camilla would make a better Queen than Prince William and the late Princess Diana, who was married to the King from 1981 to 1996.

Half of the respondents admitted that their opinion of Camilla has remained unchanged since her wedding to Charles in 2005, with 17 percent saying their views have deteriorated.

The survey also indicates that the public believes Prince William and his wife Kate, the Princess of Wales, should assume more of the responsibilities of the King and Queen Consort.

With Charles increasingly seen as a caretaker monarch, many Britons hope that Prince Charles will ascend to the throne before his father’s passing.

Currently, 41 percent of people believe Charles should remain King until his death, while 45 percent believe William should become King either before or immediately upon Prince Charles’s death.

Over half the country now believes that William is making a positive contribution to the UK, with his approval rating at 54 percent, just below that of his beloved grandmother, who still leads the field with 63 percent even a year after her death.

Diana, Princess of Wales, holds a 49 percent approval rating, Princess Catherine is at 47 percent, and Charles III lags behind at 39 percent.

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