Britney Spears’ shocking confession about scary experience decades ago


Britney Spears recalls spooky encounter with a ghost in Germany years ago: More inside

Britney Spears has recently made shocking confession about a scary experience when she stayed at a haunted hotel in Germany 20 years ago.

On March 11, the singer posted a photo of an ancient place and said that she was on “Oops!… I Did It Again Tour 20 years ago,” she was attacked by a ghost while trying to fall asleep at the “haunted hotel in Germany”.

“It was the same night I met Kate Hudson in a bar,” remarked the 42-year-old.

Britney mentioned, “I was an angel and my best friend was a devil for Halloween. We left the party early because the theme was all-black, gothic horror, and my friend and I failed.”

“So, we decided to walk outside in the cold, screaming like idiots because we had been on a tour bus for 2 months,” she continued.

Britney shared, “Most people don’t believe in ghosts, and those that do don’t admit it to others because they’d be called crazy.”

“I’m like what is this place? Disneyland for adults… whatever I thought it was kind of cute actually, but paid no mind whatsoever,” pointed out.

Britney stated, “Now the stories they told were pretty soft… the lady in white who glows in the corner of the room at exactly 2:20 at night, the sound of horses feet that carry the carriages on the rock entrance of the hotel at 3:00 right on the dot if you can be just quiet enough to listen.”

Britney Spears’ shocking confession about scary experience decades ago

However, the singer recalled, “I lay in bed and then it felt like a cold wind out of nowhere, and all of a sudden, it pushed me down in the bed.”

“Now usually when I tell this story most people say… she was just dreaming… no I wasn’t, I was WIDE AWAKE screaming from the top of my lungs…something was holding me down I couldn’t move for what felt like forever…” she further said.

Britney noted, “It felt like someone was on top of me and I couldn’t get up for air.”

“I ran so fast to my assistant’s room and she opened the door and looked at me like I was the biggest idiot. Nobody till this very day believes me,” disclosed the star.

Britney added, “I’m not really sure where I found this picture, but I can only imagine what is in there. Do you guys believe in ghosts.”

Meanwhile, Britney turned off the comments, so fans weren’t able to respond to her question.

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