BLACKPINK Lisa’s fuels rumours of Hollywood debut with latest photoshoot


Blackpink’s Lisa evokes curiosity following her recent photoshoot

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently shared black-and-white teaser posters, evoking curiosity among fans surrounding her Hollywood debut. 

Her photoshoot quickly became the talk of the town as the fans speculated that the star is up to something big.

While some anticipated that the BLACKPINK member is looking forward to launch her own clothing or makeup line, others suspected her to be gearing up for the release of her very own solo label.

In the pictures that gave away grunge vibes, the star could be seen partially posing in the dark, with some pictures revealing her facial features, including her heavy lined eye, staring at the viewers

The 26-year-old singer has left her fans awestruck as they anxiously wait to hear back from her on the upcoming venture.

However, they will have to wait till Thursday, February 8 to see what the K-pop idol is truly up to. 

As per reports, the K-pop singer is reportedly venturing into Hollywood, aiming to join AMC’s Walking Dead universe. However, little can be said on the subject until she verifies the statement. 

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