Biden WH’s spin machine shifts into BS overdrive ahead of ‘expected impeachment inquiry’ – best news

  • September 1, 2023

The Biden White House is sensing a House impeachment inquiry on the horizon, and is reportedly ramping up a “war room”:

Would an impeachment also focus on Robert L. Peters and the other pseudonyms?

In any case, in spite of insisting there’s “no evidence,” the Biden White House is mobilizing a “war room,” the size and scope of which would indicate that, yeah, there might be some evidence:

The ’98 model that saw a president impeached in the House but not convicted in the Senate? 

The WH spin machine is already whirring away: 

The Biden crime family is already getting the wagons circled:


There hasn’t even been an inquiry yet so how do Biden’s people know there’s no evidence? That’s simple: Even if damning evidence is presented they’re going to claim there’s no evidence.

Other than that and more, there’s “no evidence” that would hint at any wrongdoing whatsoever.

Biden sure did like to talk to his son and his business partners about the weather a lot.

The Democrats will call the proceedings a sham in massive fits of projection. 


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