Beyonce’s father slams her record label over Grammy snubs


Beyonce’s father explains why he blamed record label for Grammy snubs

Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles has recently slammed the singer’s record label over Grammy snub.

“People don’t know the process,” said Mathew while speaking to TMZ Live on Monday.

Beyonce’s dad believed that record label, Columbia Records never “lobbied” for his daughter for the album of the year award.

“Your record label can only appoint one person in a category. So that means her record label — I’m going to call you out, Columbia Records — her record label has never really put her in that category for consideration,” claimed Mathew.

He revealed when two or more artists are up for the same award, so this becomes an issue for the record labels as they can only support on artist per category at Grammys.

US WEEKLY reported that two album that were up for the Grammys’ top prize this year included Harry Styles’ Harry’s House in 2023 and Adele’s 25 in 2017, both were released by Columbia.

Mathew stated, “I mean, there’s a financial reason. Maybe Adele sold more records worldwide? I don’t know these answers.”

“But these are some of the thought processes that they go through. Maybe you say, ‘You know, Beyoncé has her success. Here’s an opportunity to push Adele, so let’s push her,’” added the songstress father.

Mathew pointed out, “I have been 14 years in those rooms supporting the label. I know exactly how this works.”

Meanwhile, Beyoncé won four Grammys in 2023.

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