Another royal from Europe undergoes major operation after King Charles, Kate’s surgery


Norway’s King Harald receives a pacemaker implant to boost heart rate

Norway’s King Harald has received a pacemaker implant on Tuesday in a scheduled operation to help compensate for a low heart rate, the royal court has confirmed.

“The operation was successful, and the King is doing well. He will remain in hospital for a few days,” the palace said in a statement.

King Harald has been Norway’s ceremonial head of state since 1991, and he is currently Europe’s oldest living monarch.

87-year-old King’s health has led to speculation over whether he would follow in the footsteps of his 83-year-old distant cousin Margrethe who stepped down from the throne as the Queen of Denmark in less than a year after she underwent extensive back surgery.

However, Abdication is more prevalent in Europe as opposed to the UK, where there hasn’t been an abdication since 1936 with King Edward VIII.

King Charles, who’s battling cancer, still continuing his royal duties and turning deaf ear to calls for leaving the throne for his eldest son Prince William.

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