Amy Robach ‘feels good’ after ‘Dry January’ results


Amy Robach ‘feels good’ after ‘Dry January’ results

Amy Robach is thrilled with the results, noting that she has lost a few pounds as a result after completing Dry January.

In honour of finishing a month without drinking, the 50-year-old former co-anchor of GMA3: What You Need to Know shared several pictures from her daily runs on Instagram on Thursday. She and her boyfriend, T.J. Holmes, have been training for another marathon by giving up alcohol and running at least two miles every day.

Amy Robach feels good after Dry January results

“Happy February 1st everyone!!!” she captioned the post. “We decided to take inspiration from @hellahgood9 and run EVERY day of January at least 2 miles, and it felt so damn good, we are going to continue it through February!”

“Dry January combined with daily runs and keeping my carb count low, meant I was able to shed some extra lbs I put on post NYC marathon,” she added. “We are still doing our training runs following the @higdonmarathon four days a week and our rest days we just knock out 2 milers. I may have a glass of wine tonight however.”

Robach thought back on her relationship with alcohol the previous year when talking about initiating Dry January with Holmes earlier this month on an episode of her iHeartRadio podcast, Amy and T.J.

“I knew this past year was an anomaly. It was not a year that hopefully will ever be repeated, but it’s been weighing heavily on me,” she said. “Not just about the amount of alcohol that I consumed but also what I know about alcohol and cancer – and specifically breast cancer.”

“I will say this because I’m someone who lives with recurrences. All breast cancer survivors do. There’s no scientific proof as of yet, but most doctors believe because it raises your estrogen levels, especially if you have a hormone-positive cancer like I did, it would make sense that it would raise your chance for reassurance,” she said at the time.

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