8 Clips Which Depict Just How Fierce Storm Ciarán Really Is – best news


Storm Ciarán has swept across northwestern Europe today, causing travel disruption and leaving millions without power.

It has triggered a record low for sea pressure levels around England and Wales, and a red weather warning for the Channel Islands.

The BBC has also reported windows being blown in by the storm and said a roof had been ripped off a house on Jersey.

School closures have already been announced on the island as winds have reached 104mph. Forty people have been evacuated from their homes due to damage.

Outside of the UK, 1.2 million households have been left without power in France and a red weather warning is in place in Spain.

Authorities in the French peninsula of Brittany have also encouraged people to remain indoors, at home, and avoid the winds as they crept up to 129mph, with 66ft waves off the coast.

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