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  • September 19, 2023

We’re here to say what everyone else has been thinking for way too long; the absolute absurdity that Five-Minute Crafts bring can sometimes just be, well, a little too absurd for our liking. Don’t get us wrong, everyone loves a good hack once in a while but sometimes the tips and tricks that grace our phone screens get out of hand.

1.         Hooks on our clothes

Yes, we are definitely team carry-all-your-grocery-bags-in-one-trip but in all honestly, anyone would make seven rounds to the car if the choice was between that and pasting little adhesive hooks to our clothing and apparently hanging our shopping bags on them. Our fashion department is crying in the corner as we write this.

2.         Using a 3D pen to mend heels

According to the channel, a 3D pen is something that everyone just happens to be carrying on a night out. And they apparently expect that you can make a whole heel – yes, we said that correctly – and simply…dance the night away? Seriously, what is going on?

3.         Feet shaped moulds… apparently

As if one borderline traumatizing shoe-hack wasn’t enough, here’s one that’ll give you a nice decorative, borderline traumatizing foot shaped décor piece to keep in your home. Simply find a giant tub full of melted waxed to dip your feet in, pour in some clay into your dried wax mould, and make yourself a beautiful pair of foot shaped planters! Hey, you can even paint the toenails to jazz things up.

4.         Toothbrush bracelets

While we’re all for exploring your style, burning off the bristles on your old toothbrushes to make a bracelet seems like a step in the fashion direction you might not want to take. Seriously, does anyone want to check on the person making these hacks?

5.         Hot glue eyelashes

Not sure what the obsession with a 3D pen or hot glue gun is for these people but please be warned that you should, under no circumstances, fashion yourself a pair of neon coloured hot glue fake eyelashes. It is not okay.

While the channel may well be suspected of trolling their viewers with the sheer absurdity of their hacks, it is no secret that time and time again, Five Minute Crafts just leaves us stunned in a manner it could perhaps do without.



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